Isaac Mizrahi and Lynne Rossetto Kasper make a vinaigrette

Fashion designer, Project Runway judge and self-taught cook Issac Mizrahi carefully chooses his three essential recipes. He goes simple and versatile with tomato sauce, chocolate souffle and his family vinaigrette.

Now, a little tiny secret: I always do just a little pinch of sugar. That’s cheating, I think, because you’re supposed to be able to get the proportions right. But this corrects that. Like, I always find lemon really hard to work with, because I always end up just tasting the lemon. Whenever I leave the sugar out, I go, “Oh, that’s bitter,” or, “That’s too lemony,” or, “That’s too much vinegar,” or something’s wrong with it. And the minute I add that magic — a little teeny dram of sugar, it really does a trick. It’s funny.